Welcome to my site and I hope that as you look through it you will enjoy my photographs.
There is a large range of photographs from macro images through to landscape plus many other subjects in between.
Just about anything and everything will be snapped if I have the chance.

Based in North Yorkshire, I'm a very keen photographer with quite diverse and eclectic tastes in photography.
I am only minutes away from the Moors and the coast, with some stunning scenery on my doorstep.

You can see even more of my images at http://www.ephotozine.com/u61068

Thank you for looking and do please leave a comment if you wish to.
Annette Field's gallery contains 298 photos.


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What a laugh People and weddings
(Contains 39 photos)
A selection of candid shots of people, some serious and others funny.
Orchid Flora
(Contains 32 photos)
A range of flower shots from single full frame blooms to flowers of all types and sizes.
Flying high Action shots
(Contains 9 photos)
How they did it I do not know.

A series of shots of stunt horse riders, motorbikes high up in the air and bike shots.

Rather them than me
Dog rose and fly Insects and Butterflies
(Contains 28 photos)
Close up macro images of bees, flies and butterflies.
Stone wall Landscapes
(Contains 34 photos)
Landscapes from the Lake District, Scotland and Europe.
Chocolate box cottage Yorkshire
(Contains 34 photos)
Landscapes of Yorkshire and its pretty and interesting coastline.

There are also a few shots of the North Yorkshire Railway
Lobster pots Seascapes
(Contains 35 photos)
A portfolio of anything to do with the sea, from the sea itself to boats, groynes, lobster pots, piers, well just about anything to do with the coast.
Chill out time Wildlife
(Contains 13 photos)
A selection of varied animals from wild animals through to farm animals.

Some real characters here.
London Eye and Parliament Cityscapes
(Contains 13 photos)
Interesting buildings from here and abroad.
Red legged partridges Birds and wildfowl
(Contains 18 photos)
Snowy scene Wintry scenes
(Contains 16 photos)
Cold winter days, snow, ice and fog, brrrr.
Old and new Odds and ends
(Contains 27 photos)
Ordinary photos that have been manipulated in Photoshop, along with photos that do not fit into any of the other categories.